Help with texting your kids!

Are your kids way better at using their phones than you? Well of course they are! Sorry, this is the world of technology,  no way getting around it. So get on the band wagon! I didn’t just wait to learn technology once my kids were grown. I realized early on that if I wanted my kids to keep me in the loop that I better be able to send text messages.  Yes it is important that our kids know how to call you and talk to you on the phone and write and mail a letter and learn all the ways that communication is possible  I will tell you what worked for me.  One of the best things I did was always have the same type of phone as my children did when they were teenagers, and now adults. Easier to do when you are sharing a plan.  The best reason to have the same phone, is that they could coach me, and keep Me up to date. I feel SO smart texting my kids and sending pictures and imoji’s  


A lot of the trick is to be interested in learning your phone for you not because you want to stalk them. Even if it’s true! If they think you are having a phone so you can be in their business then they won’t help you.  That’s more for then they are on their own, (kinda). You can have more rules when they are minors. 😉 My kids always want me to get the latest apps!

like Snapchat? Really?  “That’s just too silly, I’m too old for that!” But they told me it would be fun. Well okay then, what’s the harm? Now THAT has been fun actually! I think they like that fact that I accept their generation and am willing to try new things. It has been fun to keep up with them and sending them fun messages with emojis or its a great way to compliment them and send your love their way without them having to respond. The next part about it is that I have been able to communicate with my younger grandchildren by sending little videos or pictures, especially to the ones that live on the other side of the country! That’s another blog I will be writing about. Long distance relationships with grand kids. I just think if they move away and have your grandchildren, that they should be grounded! So you finally get grandchildren and they move?? What’s that about? I mean really, where ARE their priorities!! 😉  Okay, yeah I know… it’s their life.


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